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C0151313 ENG DDBSensory neuropathy, peripheral
C0151904 ENG DDBAspartate transaminase levels raised (plasma or serum)
C0151904 ENG DDBAST raised
C0153972 ENG DDBLipoma of the spermatic cord
C0236032 ENG DDBUrea levels low (plasma or serum)
C0236032 ENG DDBUrea low
C0239337 ENG DDBLimb deformity
C0239337 ENG DDBLimb abnormalities
C0268033 ENG DDBNormal anion gap metabolic acidosis
C0268193 ENG DDBNADH-dependent methemoglobin reductase deficiency
C0271865 ENG DDBHypoparathyroidism, autoimmune
C0271933 ENG DDBCongenital dyserythropoietic anaemia type 1
C0271933 ENG DDBCongenital dyserythropoietic anemia type 1
C0271934 ENG DDBCongenital dyserythropoietic anaemia type 3
C0271934 ENG DDBCongenital dyserythropoietic anemia type 3
C0272052 ENG DDBRhesus deficiency syndrome
C0272066 ENG DDBAldolase A deficiency
C0342376 ENG DDBPanhypopituitarism, X-linked recessive
C0342708 ENG DDBGamma-aminobutyrate transaminase deficiency
C0342708 ENG DDBGABA transferase deficiency
C0342884 ENG DDBFamilial defective apoB100
C0422985 ENG DDBDiplopia, binocular
C0520536 ENG DDBOsteopetrosis, benign
C0520739 ENG DDBPyropoikilocytosis, hereditary
C0521802 ENG DDBAtransferrinaemia (hereditary)
C0521802 ENG DDBAtransferrinemia (hereditary)
C0542174 ENG DDBLupus-like rash
C0542174 ENG DDBLupoid rash
C0549448 ENG DDBHemoglobin levels increased
C0599824 ENG DDBHuman Leucocyte Antigen Association
C0599824 ENG DDBHLA linkages
C0741931 ENG DDBCardiac shadow enlarged
C0853084 ENG DDBHDL raised
C0853084 ENG DDBHigh density lipoprotein (plasma) raised
C0853085 ENG DDBLow density lipoprotein levels low (serum or plasma)
C0853085 ENG DDBLDL low
C0853086 ENG DDBVery low density lipoprotein levels raised (plasma or serum)
C0853086 ENG DDBVLDL raised
C0853221 ENG DDBVery low density lipoprotein levels low (plasma or serum)
C0853221 ENG DDBVLDL low
C0854042 ENG DDBPyruvic acid levels raised (blood)
C0854042 ENG DDBPyruvate levels raised (blood)
C0854059 ENG DDBUrine pH low
C0854059 ENG DDBAcid urine
C0854101 ENG DDBSodium levels raised (urine)
C0854101 ENG DDBUrine Na raised
C0854101 ENG DDBUrinary sodium raised
C0855527 ENG DDBPotassium raised (urine)
C0855527 ENG DDBUrine K raised
C0855530 ENG DDBSodium levels low (urine)
C0855530 ENG DDBUrine Na low
C0855645 ENG DDBUric acid decreased (urine)
C0857254 ENG DDBBlue nails
C0860549 ENG DDBRefeeding syndrome
C0878549 ENG DDBAutonomic neuropathy, peripheral
C0878550 ENG DDBChylomicron levels raised (plasma)
C0878550 ENG DDBChylomicronemia
C0878550 ENG DDBChylomicronaemia
C0878551 ENG DDBCitrated blood sample
C0878552 ENG DDBCoronary artery ectasia
C0878553 ENG DDBCuffed blood sample
C0878553 ENG DDBTourniquet (prolonged) blood sample
C0878554 ENG DDBLow fluid intake, chronic
C0878554 ENG DDBDehydration, chronic or repeated
C0878555 ENG DDBDiffuse panbronchiolitis
C0878556 ENG DDBDominant R wave in V1
C0878557 ENG DDBEDTA blood sample
C0878558 ENG DDBUterine fibroid red degeneration
C0878558 ENG DDBCarneous degeneration of uterine fibroid
C0878559 ENG DDBFluoride blood sample
C0878560 ENG DDBGastric polypoid adenoma
C0878561 ENG DDBIntermediate density lipoprotein levels low (plasma or serum)
C0878561 ENG DDBIDL low
C0878562 ENG DDBIntermediate density lipoprotein levels raised (plasma or serum)
C0878562 ENG DDBIDL raised
C0878563 ENG DDBInfraorbital nerve dehiscence
C0878564 ENG DDBIntraepidermal blistering
C0878565 ENG DDBJ waves
C0878566 ENG DDBLower zone pulmonary fibrosis
C0878566 ENG DDBLower zone lung fibrosis
C0878567 ENG DDBLipoprotein(a) levels low (plasma or serum)
C0878567 ENG DDBLp(a) low
C0878568 ENG DDBLipoprotein(a) levels raised (plasma or serum)
C0878568 ENG DDBLp(a) raised
C0878569 ENG DDBMastalgia, primary
C0878570 ENG DDBMembranous dysmenorrhoea
C0878570 ENG DDBMembranous dysmenorrhea
C0878571 ENG DDBMid zone lung fibrosis
C0878572 ENG DDBEstrogen withdrawal
C0878572 ENG DDBOestrogen withdrawal
C0878573 ENG DDBSoutheast Asian ovalocytosis
C0878573 ENG DDBMelanesian ovalocytosis
C0878573 ENG DDBStomatocytic ovalocytosis
C0878574 ENG DDBOxalate blood sample
C0878575 ENG DDBPeripheral demyelination
C0878576 ENG DDBPosterior leucoencephalopathy syndrome
C0878577 ENG DDBPrepubertal PV bleed
C0878577 ENG DDBVaginal bleed, pre-pubertal
C0878578 ENG DDBPrimary orthostatic tremor
C0878579 ENG DDBPseudoxanthoma elasticum Dominant Type 1
C0878579 ENG DDBPseudoxanthoma elasticum Dom Type 1
C0878580 ENG DDBPseudoxanthoma elasticum Dominant Type 2
C0878580 ENG DDBPseudoxanthoma elasticum Dom Type 2
C0878581 ENG DDBPseudoxanthoma elasticum Recessive Type 1
C0878581 ENG DDBPseudoxanthoma elasticum Rec Type 1
C0878582 ENG DDBPseudoxanthoma elasticum Recessive Type 2
C0878582 ENG DDBPseudoxanthoma elasticum Rec Type 2
C0878583 ENG DDBVaginal bleed in second trimester
C0878583 ENG DDBSecond trimester PV bleed
C0878584 ENG DDBMaternal short stature
C0878585 ENG DDBSister Mary Joseph`s nodule
C0878586 ENG DDBSlate grey skin
C0878587 ENG DDBSlow acetylator status
C0878587 ENG DDBSlow acetylation
C0878588 ENG DDBSphincter of Oddi dysfunction
C0878589 ENG DDBSpinal cord injury, acute
C0878590 ENG DDBSternocleidomastoid tumour
C0878590 ENG DDBSternocleidomastoid tumor
C0878591 ENG DDBSublingual dermoid cyst
C0878592 ENG DDBThird trimester PV bleed
C0878592 ENG DDBVaginal bleed in third trimester
C0878593 ENG DDBTracheal shift away from lesion
C0878594 ENG DDBTracheal shift towards lesion
C0878595 ENG DDBTrigeminal causalgia
C0878596 ENG DDBUpper zone lung fibrosis
C0878597 ENG DDBUrobilinogen low (urine)
C0878598 ENG DDBAngiotensin converting enzyme levels raised (plasma or serum)
C0878598 ENG DDBACE levels raised(plasma or serum)
C0878599 ENG DDBAcid phosphatase (plasma or serum) low
C0878600 ENG DDBAcid phosphatase (plasma or serum) raised
C0878601 ENG DDBAldolase levels raised (plasma or serum)
C0878602 ENG DDBAlanine transaminase levels raised (plasma or serum)
C0878602 ENG DDBAlanine aminotransferase levels raised (plasma or serum)
C0878602 ENG DDBALT raised
C0878603 ENG DDBAmmonia levels low (blood)
C0878603 ENG DDBNH3 low
C0878604 ENG DDBApex beat sustained
C0878605 ENG DDBApex beat tapping
C0878606 ENG DDBAutonomic neuropathy, central
C0878607 ENG DDBBicarbonate levels low (plasma)
C0878608 ENG DDBBicarbonate levels raised (plasma)
C0878609 ENG DDBBlood film abnormality
C0878609 ENG DDBBlood film abnormal
C0878610 ENG DDBComplement C3 levels low (serum)
C0878610 ENG DDBC3 (serum) low
C0878611 ENG DDBChloride levels low (plasma or serum)
C0878612 ENG DDBChloride levels raised (plasma or serum)
C0878613 ENG DDBCopper levels low (serum or plasma)
C0878614 ENG DDBCopper levels raised (serum or plasma)
C0878615 ENG DDBCreatine kinase levels raised (plasma or serum)
C0878615 ENG DDBCK raised
C0878616 ENG DDBCreatinine levels low (plasma or serum)
C0878617 ENG DDBDehydroepiandrosterone sulphate levels low (plasma or serum)
C0878617 ENG DDBDehydroepiandrosterone sulfate levels low (plasma or serum)
C0878617 ENG DDBDHEA-S low
C0878618 ENG DDBDehydroepiandrosterone sulphate levels raised (plasma or serum)
C0878618 ENG DDBDehydroepiandrosterone sulfate levels raised (plasma or serum)
C0878618 ENG DDBDHEA-S raised
C0878620 ENG DDBIncidence in females greater than males
C0878620 ENG DDBF>M
C0878620 ENG DDBFemale > Male incidence
C0878621 ENG DDBHabitus abnormality
C0878622 ENG DDBHuman chorionic gonadotrophin levels raised (serum)
C0878622 ENG DDBHCG raised
C0878623 ENG DDBLactate dehydrogenase low (plasma or serum)
C0878623 ENG DDBLDH low
C0878624 ENG DDBLung cavity
C0878625 ENG DDBIncidence in males greater than females
C0878625 ENG DDBM>F
C0878625 ENG DDBMale > Female
C0878626 ENG DDBMidline facial defect
C0878627 ENG DDBMucosal neuromata
C0878628 ENG DDBCytochrome P450 competition
C0878628 ENG DDBP450 competition
C0878629 ENG DDBCytochrome P450 induction
C0878629 ENG DDBP450 induction
C0878630 ENG DDBCytochrome P450 metabolised non-inducer
C0878630 ENG DDBCytochrome P450 metabolized non-inducer
C0878630 ENG DDBP450 metabolism-non-inducer
C0878631 ENG DDBPathergy
C0878631 ENG DDBHyperergy
C0878632 ENG DDBRenin levels low (serum)
C0878633 ENG DDBRenin levels raised (serum)
C0878634 ENG DDBSex hormone binding globulin (serum) low
C0878634 ENG DDBSHBG low
C0878635 ENG DDBSex hormone binding globulin (serum) raised
C0878635 ENG DDBSHBG raised
C0878636 ENG DDBTherapeutic monitoring of drug levels required
C0878636 ENG DDBTDM required
C0878637 ENG DDBThyroid hormone binding globulin levels low (serum)
C0878637 ENG DDBTHBG low
C0878637 ENG DDBTBG reduced
C0878638 ENG DDBTongue abnormality
C0878638 ENG DDBTongue signs
C0878639 ENG DDBTransferrin levels raised(serum)
C0878640 ENG DDBPotassium levels low (urine)
C0878640 ENG DDBUrine K low
C0878641 ENG DDBZero order kinetics
C0878642 ENG DDBDrugs, hormones and biological mediators
C0878642 ENG DDBHormones, drugs and biological mediators
C0878643 ENG DDBEpiphenomenon
C0878644 ENG DDBMitochondrial genome inheritance
C0878645 ENG DDBAlkaline phosphatase intestinal isoenzyme levels raised (plasma or serum)
C0878646 ENG DDBAlkaline phosphatase liver isoenzyme levels raised (plasma or serum)
C0878648 ENG DDBHepatic vein occlusion (non-thrombotic)
C0878649 ENG DDBGastric polyp, hyperplastic
C0878650 ENG DDBMalignant hepatopathy
C0878650 ENG DDBStauffer`s syndrome
C0878652 ENG DDBIodine containing radiocontrast media
C0878653 ENG DDBSinus node fibrosis
C0878654 ENG DDBAutoimmune oophoritis
C0878655 ENG DDBAutoimmune orchitis
C0878656 ENG DDBHowship-Romberg sign
C0878657 ENG DDBAllergic sialadenitis
C0878658 ENG DDBDarier`s sign
C0878659 ENG DDBDisproportionate short stature
C0878660 ENG DDBProportionate short stature
C0878661 ENG DDBCushingoid habitus
C0878662 ENG DDBAlkaline phosphatase placental isoenzyme levels raised (plasma or serum)
C0878663 ENG DDBSickle cell crisis (aplastic)
C0878664 ENG DDBSickle cell crisis (abdominal/sequestration)
C0878665 ENG DDBSickle cell crisis (thrombotic)
C0878666 ENG DDBAnalbuminemia
C0878666 ENG DDBAnalbuminaemia
C0878667 ENG DDBHeparinised blood sample
C0878667 ENG DDBHeparinized blood sample
C0878668 ENG DDBLactosuria
C0878669 ENG DDBRibosuria
C0878670 ENG DDBMcLeod phenotype
C0878672 ENG DDBUric acid raised (urine)
C0878673 ENG DDBComplement C4 levels low (serum)
C0878673 ENG DDBC4low
C0878675 ENG DDBErdheim-Chester disease
C0878676 ENG DDB6-Pyruvoyl tetrahydropterin synthase deficiency
C0878676 ENG DDBPhenylketonuria III
C0878677 ENG DDBDanon disease
C0878677 ENG DDBGlycogenosis Type 2b
C0878677 ENG DDBAntopol disease
C0878679 ENG DDBNADPH-dependent methemoglobin reductase deficiency
C0878679 ENG DDBNADPH-reductase deficiency
C0878680 ENG DDBAromatase deficiency
C0878680 ENG DDBOestrogen synthetase deficiency
C0878680 ENG DDBEstrogen synthetase deficiency
C0878681 ENG DDBDent`s disease
C0878682 ENG DDBCeruloplasmin deficiency
C0878683 ENG DDBPituitary Dwarfism Type 3
C0878683 ENG DDBPanhypopituitarism, autosomal recessive
C0878683 ENG DDBHanhart dwarfism
C0878684 ENG DDBSHORT syndrome
C0878685 ENG DDBFirst order kinetics
C1563715 ENG DDBAndersen cardiodysrhythmic periodic paralysis
C1563715 ENG DDBPeriodic paralysis, potassium-sensitive cardiodysrhythmic type
C1764741 ENG DDBFlashing light
C1764741 ENG DDBFlicker
C1764741 ENG DDBStroboscope
C3241937 ENG DDBSteatohepatitis, non-alcoholic

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