serózní membrána

A thin lining of closed cavities of the body, consisting of a single layer of squamous epithelial cells (MESOTHELIUM) resting on a thin layer of CONNECTIVE TISSUE, and covered with secreted clear fluid from blood and lymph vessels. Major serous membranes in the body include PERICARDIUM; PERITONEUM; and PLEURA.

Organ subdivision, which consists of a parietal wall and a visceral wall that together forms a serous sac that encloses a serous cavity. Examples: pleura, serous pericardium, peritoneum.

The outer lining of organs and body cavities of the abdomen and chest, including the stomach.

A membrane lining the external walls of the body cavities and reflected over the surfaces of protruding organs. It consists of mesothelium lying on a connective tissue layer, and secretes a watery exudate.

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